Your house is often regarded as your castle. The Gotthatcovered cages are designed with you in mind. They offer many features that cost-effectively enhance your Air Conditioning or Eco Friendly Heat Pump installation. The housings are available are available as standard in 6 standard colours, green, brown, black, red, blue, and yellow. Bespoke colour options are also available to exactly match your requirements is all you will need is the RAL colour code which suits your application and its surroundings.

A cage around your unit offers great security, protection and safety in a domestic application. The security of your unit is important - remember you have a valuable product open to the public eye, which is built from products such as steel and copper. These are valuable commodities and hence become a target for theft. A cage securely fastened to the wall or covering your unit adds that extra security and peace of mind.


The protection of your unit is important too, although your unit is designed for an outside application, adding a cover does improve its life and helps greatly with its overall efficiency. It helps maintain good air flow around the unit by stopping leaves and debris from collecting around the coils.

The safety aspect in a domestic application is a major concern as your unit has a mains electrical power feed to it, fans that rotate very quickly and high pressure pipework connections. Your cage, if selected suitably, will cover the electric isolator, protect the fan and enclose those connections. This keeps your unit safe, but more importantly your children and friends as they explore the wonders of the mechanical and electrical workings of your unit.