Security & Anti-Vandal Cages

Designed with security and the prevention of vandalism in mind, these cages are built from galvanised steel. They slot together to give maximum rigidity and completely cover your unit to protect it from the would be thief or vandal.

Condensing units in particular are a prime target to the thief as they contain quite large quantities of copper.

The vandal however seems more intent on trying to stop the unit by either turning off the power or poking the unit with stick to stop the fans running. This is a primary consideration as these units are often used a main heat source in domestic and public sector buildings but also critical cooling units for expensive computer rooms in the commercial sector.

Options are available upon request to enhance the security feature of your cage. A rear panel allows you to mount the unit away from a wall giving complete coverage to the unit, a base plate allows the unit protection to its underside if mounted high up a wall, and the sloping roof option stops the thief or vandal using the unit as a ladder to access your building through a window or higher access point.