Industrial Estate installation

Having had our Air source Heat Pump Air Conditioning unit installed we found that our unprotected unit was open to vandalism. During its first weeks of operation it was tampered with during the evening and night leaving us without heat during the really cold winter weather.

Obviously our sales office was freezing in the morning, we had to call out the installer to mend the unit, and our down time became expensive.

The installation company suggested that we should have a cage put around the unit. We had the choice to choose a colour that matched our building which made the whole unit look better. Better still we have not had any more vandalism to our unit and we are now enjoying it cooling our office as the warm weather approaches.

DFC Greenstar.

School Playground Application

We had some serious problems with students at the school. Once the unit was positioned in the playground it was like a magnet to them, they enjoyed climbing on the unit, trying to hind behind it and sticking rulers, pencils and sticks into the fan. 

We ordered a cage and with the help of Got That Covered we arranged to have the lid of the cage wrapped rather than painted. The wrap ( vinyl Coating) was printed with times tables and algebraic equations. The students now have no interest in going anywhere near the unit for some strange reason !!!, exactly the result we wanted.

Head Teacher
County Durham.

Domestic Application

Our recent extension to the house meant that we would have to increase the size of our boiler or have a Heat pump Air Conditioning unit installed to satisfy the heating demand. The Air Conditioning route was by far the cheaper option so we had a unit installed.

It worked great but we had a cream unit outside which was far from attractive that could be seen from our drive.

I found through the internet that we could cover the unit with a cage made to a bespoke colour which is designed to make the unit look a lot more aesthetically pleasing and offers protection from the weather . We selected a cage suitable to cover the unit and its colour from the web site . The installer built the cage very quickly and it looks great ...we are delighted with the results.

Mrs F Hudson